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Yacht depreciation

Yacht depreciation

Updated on May 31st, 2024

How quickly do new yachts depreciate in value after purchase? You can draw a relative analogy with cars. Once the boat is launched and handed over to the owner, it immediately loses 15% of its original price. Subsequently, the yacht continues to lose 10% in value annually. However, this trend only extends to the first four years of a yacht’s life.

After 5 years of operation, the loss in the cost of the boat is no longer so significant, provided that the vessel has been operated correctly and without accidents, with scheduled maintenance work in accordance with the regulations.

Many experienced sailors know that buying a used yacht is a very smart calculation, and not a lack of money for new models. The thing is that within 3-4 years of operation, all children’s sores of the boat and its equipment will be detected and eliminated by the previous owner and the service center under warranty. Therefore, almost all well-maintained used yachts are fully equipped and ready to sail around the world.

You also have to be mindful of maintenance costs, which are on average 10% of the cost of new yachts.

Despite all the disadvantages associated with tangible financial costs, buying a brand new yacht that has just left the shipyard slipway is an incomparable feeling. Especially when the manufacturer provides the possibility of individual solutions in planning and equipment.

However, if you have no preconceptions about used things, then buying a used boat is a very reasonable option. We recommend using the services of a professional yacht broker, regardless of the size of the boat you are buying. This will allow you to avoid problematic situations with the seller, as well as protect you from making too bad a deal. A good brokerage company always values its reputation, so it will do its best to make both the seller and the buyer satisfied.