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The worst yacht designs and ugliest boats in the world

The worst yacht designs and ugliest boats in the world

Updated on June 9th, 2024

Despite the incredible number of impeccably beautiful motor yachts that are available on the market today, the demand for ugly designs not only exists, but even seems to be growing. We decided to put together a collection of the ugliest motorboats and superyachts that, in our subjective opinion, were considered a failure in terms of design and common sense.

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Our random hit parade includes both recent new items from shipyards and old yachts that, for some reason, are still afloat and continue to spoil the coastal landscapes of the most beautiful places in the world. The list is constantly growing, so we look forward to implementing new design projects.

Project 406

Added February 2024

Sportfishing yacht

Another ugly motor yacht was born in early 2024. The problem is that modern American-style sportfishing boats with their tall, bulky towers and visual imbalance, have never been pretty, except for the early, classic models. But Royal Huisman went even further and created this gigantic disgrace.

The Icon

Added November 2023

BMW electric boat The Icon

This vegetable greenhouse from BMW has hydrofoils and they call it a flying boat. We think this idea is cool, but they should have passed it on to another designer.

Leen Trimarans

Leen motor trimaran

Please keep children and sensitive people away from the screen otherwise they will have nightmares after seeing this motor multihull. We won’t include all three models from the Leen range of motor trimarans here, but you can trust us that they all look equally terrible.

Lazzara UHV-series

Lazzara UHV-series

It’s difficult to comment on this design. We suspect that even the designer himself will not be able to do this.

Astondoa Ax8

Astondoa Ax8

Some call it a marine crossover. Some call it a social cruiser. We call this a failed project. Perhaps this design was created by the same artificial intelligence that often adds extra hands and fingers to generated images of people.

Royal Falcon One

Royal Falcon One

This is a 41 meter motor cat built in Sweden by Custom. Fortunately, only two of these models were built. The only advantage of this catamaran is that it is very fast.

Princess X95

Princess X95

A surprisingly ugly boat from any point of view. In black, this yacht resembles a piece of old, half-submerged driftwood. The white version looks absolutely terrible.

Numarine 30XP

Numarine 30XP

No, this is not a houseboat. At first glance, we also couldn’t find the wheelhouse. Obviously, a good view from the inside for the captain was the last thing on the designer’s mind. The Numarine shipyard knows how to build excellent explorer yachts that are very modern, unusual, but beautiful. It is unclear what made them suddenly decide to build this model, which was immediately included in our list. Perhaps this was their goal – to get into this anti-rating for the sake of advertising.

Project 1011

Project 1011

This is probably either the philosophy of minimalism, or the designers simply ran out of imagination. There seems to be something in this sandwich from Feadship, but the search for beauty and harmony in it is very difficult. Or maybe this is a half-finished version of the Obsidian superyacht? No, this is not the ugliest superyacht in the world, there are much uglier ones, but we unanimously decided to add it to this list.

Silent Yachts Explorer 120

Silent-120 solar catamaran

We immediately called it a giant paper stapler. Generally speaking, there are far more ugly motor catamarans built than ugly monohulls. However, these were mostly experimental models from small home shipyards that used material found in the trash heap.

The problem with catamaran design is one of the many reasons why they will never become more popular than monohulls.

Sunseeker 100

Sunseeker 100

This is one of several models from the shipyard that we do not want to accept. They say there is a demand for them, but this is not surprising given that Sunseeker builds very roomy and fairly fast planing yachts of good quality. However, the boats in this line look like they have a toothache. In addition, this design of the bow of the yacht creates the feeling that it is simply a technical miscalculation and the deck is not fully pressed to the hull. Well, either the hull simply cracked due to shock loads from the waves.


Yacht Nord

It could have been a perfectly beautiful superyacht, but the incredible amount of ugly architectural elements made it terribly repulsive. It seems that this yacht has an inferiority complex and she tries to compensate for it with her tasteless and huge cheap wristwatches.


ISIS Power Catamaran

Surprisingly, this motor yacht was built in France, where even the creative design has always been very elegant. Obviously, this catamaran is an exception that only confirms the rule.

Although it might appeal to sci-fi fans. And we agree that there is something to this design, which is why we hesitated for a long time whether to put it on this list. However, the presence of useless side elements whose sole purpose is to impair visibility from inside the wheelhouse helped us make our decision.

Wallywhy 100

Wallywhy 100

When designers strive to create something new and unusual, they usually end up with something like this. This is not only one failed, from our point of view, project from Wally. The entire Wallywhy line should be here. Please note that the shipyard also asks the question “why?”, as if hinting that they do not understand why they approved this project. However, if you think that no one will ever buy these boats, then you are very mistaken.

Yacht A

Sailing and motor superyachts A together in one photo

By far one of the worst designs ever put into an actual project. This is the predecessor of an even uglier pseudo-sail vessel, which was also named simply “A” in order to get to the top of the lists of ship registers. At the moment, both projects are permanent leaders in the rating of the world’s worst superyachts. Although we are not sure that such a rating exists except ours.

Signature Series

Signature Series yacht

Considering that no one is plagiarizing these yachts today, perhaps their ugliness is obvious to even the most eccentric designers. There is nothing to describe here, you see everything. Like the “A” yachts, it would be better if they went the way of the dodo bird.


Yas yacht

You won’t be able to find a single angle from which this superyacht looks acceptable enough to not bring a lump of nausea to your throat. This yacht was built on the hull of a former Navy frigate. It would be better if they left the frigate.

Panorama FF53

Panorama FF53

An absolutely stupid semi-planing boat of unknown purpose from the Dutch shipyard Steeler Yachts, which is capable of building very elegant gentleman’s yachts that are highly respected in our editorial office. Fortunately, it appears that this particular model is no longer in production.

ISA Extra 76

ISA Yachts Extra 76

Our best explanation for this boat is that the designer was drunk.

Touch Wood II

Touch Wood II

The wooden superyacht. This is the case when the amount of maintenance and the cost of owning a yacht reach a new level. But this is nothing compared to the terrible appearance of the boat.

Yes, wood is an amazing and very pleasant material. It’s hard to imagine classic yacht building without wooden elements. However, in this case we are not seeing elegance and style, but the complete opposite. A piece of cake is very tempting when it sits beautifully on a separate plate, but if you try to stuff the whole cake into yourself, you may feel sick.


Wanderlust yacht

This design marvel was later renamed Wanderlust, but obviously the renaming does nothing to add beauty to the superyacht. Silver Yachts shipyard also built a twin of this model called Bold. This superyacht seems to have its fans, but there are many more haters of its aggressive appearance.

And, despite the fact that we understand this concept, it is implemented quite poorly, with many disproportionate elements that introduce an imbalance into the overall picture. The yacht wants to seem brutal, but for some reason it does not evoke a feeling of reliability. As if a skinny guy grew a beard to look more masculine.


Kensho yacht

Sometimes we think that some designs are created by small children. How can you build something so disharmonious? And it would be fine if this were just another funny concept that yacht designers are uploading by the thousands onto the web. But no, this is a real, brought to life project from the Admiral shipyard from The Italian Sea Group. This yacht floats and doesn’t even capsize.


Kaos superyacht

This luxurious superyacht from the Oceanco shipyard is loved by many people and it is not entirely clear why. Perhaps they love it because it is simply large – 110 meters. But it is unlikely that anyone loves her for her design. The yacht has a nice silhouette, but this terrible layer cake called the superstructure ruins everything. Be careful, looking at this superyacht for more than five seconds will give you a headache.


AV yacht

Let’s just leave this here.

Asean Lady

Asean Lady yacht

It seems that this yacht was assembled from what was lying around in the backyard of some shipyard. And while you might think it was just a spontaneous construction put together with wire and tape, it actually had multiple designers working on it. We think that it would be better if there were only one designer.