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Why you should go to a boat show

Why you should go to a boat show

Updated on May 31st, 2024

Dozens or even hundreds of yachting exhibitions are held annually in the world, where all types of boats, accessories, equipment and all kinds of services related to the yachting industry are presented. It’s a huge world: five oceans and millions of people, including professionals, revolving around yachts and water.

There are different types of boat shows. Some may represent mostly new vessels, others – only used ones, others – only charter yachts. There are exhibitions only for professionals, and there are open to the general public. Some are dedicated to small fishing boats, while the most prestigious are dedicated to superyachts. There are also those where only ship equipment and marine navigation electronics will be presented, or only accessories for recreation on the water.

Why are boat shows interesting and useful for yachtsmen?

Well, first of all, the yacht show is like a big store where you can try on the product before you buy it to choose the best. In this boat supermarket, competing manufacturers are close by, so the comparison will be as complete as possible.

Secondly, it is a way to save your money, since the exhibition is a time of great discounts and extremely advantageous offers. All exhibitors are very interested in a large number of transactions during these few days. Usually new items in the yachting industry during the premiere at the boat show are much cheaper, and then the price for them increases greatly.

Thirdly, the exhibition is a presentation of the latest developments, many of which are not yet on sale. If the topic of marine innovations interests you, then the world’s largest boat shows are created especially for you.

Fourthly, this is the best place to establish business contacts. Moreover, your business does not necessarily have to be related to the yachting industry. If you are not indifferent to the sea, then ideas can be born by themselves.

Fifth, it’s just fun, because thousands of yachting enthusiasts gather in one place these days. The entire organization of the event is aimed at ensuring that visitors are satisfied and leave home with a great mood. If you come to the yacht show with your family, then even the children will have something to do there: for them there will certainly be a pavilion with radio-controlled yachts or a pool with paddleboards.