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Whisper Yachts 50: the perfect catamaran for the tropics from Symphony Marine

Whisper Yachts 50 - ideal catamarans for the tropics by Symphony Marine

Updated on June 8th, 2024

As we know, catamarans offer numerous benefits, many of which are obvious when it comes to solar power yachts. Only catamarans are able to easily carry a large area of ​​solar panels, which do not become something foreign in terms of design, but are simply integrated into the horizontal elements of the hull and superstructures.

Guy Marshal, the founder of Symphony Marine, who has vast experience in creating and developing technological know-how with high-profile brands such as BMW, Renault, Toyota, Oceanco, Vegayachts, KuschYachts, Burger Boat and Maiora, has supported the trend in the development of electric yachts, in which catamarans are a natural and logical solution to achieve maximum efficiency and comfort.

Whisper Yachts Stern

For help in creating a new line of yachts, Guy Marshal turned to the Berret-Racoupeau Design studio, for which the design of marine architecture and interiors of catamarans is one of the core areas.

Whisper Yachts Salon

The Whisper Yachts 50 is a perfect example of what a modern family cruising electric cat should look like, affordably priced yet offering incredible comfort comparable to the luxury and space of a superyacht.

Whisper Yachts Bow

At first glance, it becomes obvious that this catamaran is ideal for southern latitudes. Circular glazing, sliding doors and windows, plenty of relaxation areas, a full-width bathing platform and the very spacious master cabin are all important nuances in a hot climate. Which, of course, does not in the least prevent you from going to explore higher latitudes.

Whisper Yachts master-cabin

We also like the design of the catamaran itself, which, admittedly, is quite rare. In the case of Whisper Yachts, it can be argued that the yacht is really beautiful and stylish. All elements look great, including the flybridge and awnings with solar panels.

And, of course, it should be noted the ease of movement around the cockpit and saloon, which is facilitated by wide aisles and a smooth level difference. The 15-meter catamaran, which has a width of 6.6 meters, makes you feel comfortable and safe even during a long stay on board in blue water.

Whisper Yachts Cockpit

What about the technical part? Well, in the basic configuration, we have two electric motors of 100 kW each, which can be temporarily increased to 120 kW. The entire system runs on Torqeedo’s Deep Blue and is powered by 200 kWh BMW batteries. All this speaks of high reliability and performance.

The cruising range at a speed of 5-6 knots is not limited. With an increase in speed to 8-9 knots, the battery charge will last for 5 hours. If you want to sail even faster, you can use a 25 kW generator. Then the speed will reach 10 knots.

Symphony Marine will present their amazing catamarans at international boat shows, so don’t miss the opportunity to explore them in more detail.