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Yachts with Trimonoran hulls say the future is here

Yacht with Trimonoran hull

Updated on June 8th, 2024

A few years ago, marine engineer Gerard Jelle Bilkert created a completely new hull design to maximize fuel economy and increase speed without sacrificing comfort and safety. Trimonoran is a symbiosis of monohull and trimaran that can provide the best of both worlds.

Subsequently, the famous yacht designer Baran Akalin joined G. Jelle Bilkert, and the development of Trimonoran reached a new level. Now the hull has been refined to perfection, and the amount of innovation and comfort surpasses that of many luxury superyachts.

Trimonoran shows itself in all its glory at high speeds, saving more than 30% of fuel and maintaining excellent stability. This hull has gone through all possible computer simulations at Van Oossanen Naval Architects B.V. and tested at the Marine Research Institute of the Netherlands, where on a 1:5 model it showed more than excellent results.

Trimonoran yacht concept testing

The price of yachts based on the Trimonoran hull will not greatly exceed the cost of boats of comparable size. This is an important nuance, because we know that catamarans and trimarans are always more expensive than monohulls.

Of course, the general trend of the maritime industry towards the transition to green forms of energy is envisaged in the family of these boats. Their design can easily be adapted to electric motors. Moreover, the propeller drive system can be hydraulic, so the location of the heaviest elements of the power plant can be dictated solely by the requirements of hydrodynamics and safety.

Trimonoran-type hulls are designed for vessels from 8 to 25 meters in length. The hull can be made from any material, including composites and aluminium.

Trimonoran Escalade 25 front view

AnwigemA‘s current flagship is the Escalade 25, with an incredible futuristic exterior. The British designer Celia Sawyer took part in the development of the interiors.

Trimonoran Escalade 25 VIP cabinThe Escalade 25 offers accommodation for up to 8 guests in 4 staterooms, including a master stateroom at the bow, a VIP stateroom, two double guest staterooms on the lower deck, as well as accommodation for a crew of 2.

Trimonoran Escalade 25 Interior

LOA – 25 m
Beam – 10.5 m
Draft – 2.5 m
Displacement – 65 tons
Maximum speed – 42 knots
Power plant – hybrid

Trimonoran Escalade 25 from the stern

AnwigemA also pays attention to sailboats. The elegant Notus 15 can be built on a carbon hull and equipped with an electric motor.

Trimonoran Notus 15 Sailing Yacht

Trimonoran design yachts are far superior in safety to classic catamarans in rough seas. This is especially true for sailing multihulls. Trimonoran has a higher limit of lateral dynamic stability, and the contours of the hull and stem practically exclude burrowing into the wave.

Many designers today create their own superyacht tender concepts based on the designs of G. Jelle Bilkert and AnwigemA. This is a natural trend as owners and guests prefer to cover the distance from shore to their yacht in maximum comfort and safety, regardless of weather conditions.

AnwigemA is currently looking for investors to set up production and build existing projects.