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The most essential tools on your boat

The most essential tools on your yacht

Updated on June 9th, 2024

You can go to sea with one knife and hope for luck. But modern motor yachts have a rather complex device with many systems that break down in one way or another. And most often they break at the most inopportune moment. A helpless yacht in a stormy ocean is not exactly what one would like to see, so the ability to repair and prevent breakdowns on board should be among the skills of a sailor. You can’t do without a competent set of good tools.

In truth, the vast majority of the most common boat problems can be fixed with just five tools:

1. Adjustable wrench
2. Pipe wrench
3. Pliers
4. Slotted screwdriver
5. Phillips screwdriver
6. Knife

These are the items that should be on board in the first place and be easily accessible. With the addition of two more items, the repair options are significantly expanded:

7. Plumbing scotch tape
8. Plastic clamps

In some situations, especially when working with electrics and electronics, it is very useful:

9. Nippers-side cutters
10. Long Nose Pliers

The presence of an internal combustion engine and sailing weapons require an additional set:

11. Candle key
12. Socket (tubular) keys
13. Oil filter puller
14. Combined mallet
15. Awl, needles and threads

When servicing and deep repairing the motor, another version of the keys saves:

16. Ratchet spanners

Peculiar design solutions may require to have in the arsenal:

17. Propeller puller and other pullers

For working with electrical and electronics, it is desirable to have all possible specific tools, including crimping and heat shrinking devices. But the minimum set includes:

18. Multimeter
19. Electrical tape
20. Precision screwdrivers
21. Insulated tweezers
22. Soldering iron 20-40 W

Modern systems include new types of fasteners that require special tools:

23. Set of hex keys
24. TORX screwdrivers (star)

In addition to all of the above, the following items can find many uses on a yacht:

25. Rubber mallet
26. Hacksaw
27. Metal file
28. Hatchet
29. Scissors
30. Mirror with extension
31. Magnet and gripper for dropped parts
32. Clamp set
33. Riveter with rivets
34. Hand drill
35. WD-40

Multitool also plays the role of a great assistant, which is always with you.