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Croatia also knows how to build excellent gozzo boats, as the Terra Nauta shipyard proves

Excellent Croatian Gozzo boats from Terra Nauta

Updated on June 8th, 2024

In search of the ideal weekender, many buyers of motor boats come to the conclusion that the classic always wins in all respects, including aesthetics. This is especially true of the Italian neo-classic gozzo, which perfectly combines seaworthiness and habitability with timeless elegance and practicality.

As we found out, Croatia also knows how to build truly amazing boats in the style of modern gozzo. Moreover, their quality is not only not inferior to boats from Italian shipyards, but also seems to surpass many of them. At least Croatian boats can definitely comply with the Mediterranean canons, which traditionally pay great attention to the materials used, their combinations and fit, and simplicity is the basis of elegance and reliability.

Terra Nauta 30/40

Terra Nauta is one such company, and perhaps even the only shipyard in Croatia, that offers incredible motor cruisers that are the embodiment of company founder Darko Valentić’s own vision of the ideal all-round boat. Together with naval architect Srđan Đaković, they designed their gozzo variants, which were so popular with buyers that now the small shipyard in Zagreb cannot cope with demand.

Terra Nauta 40
Terra Nauta 40

At the moment, Terra Nauta has only two models in its range: TN 30 and TN 40. However, each boat is semi-custom and built to the owner’s exact wishes and specifications, ultimately making it as comfortable as a tailor-made suit. Oddly enough, the shipyard’s first boat was a 12-meter model with inboard engines, after which a 9.5-meter boat with outboards appeared.

Terra Nauta 30
Terra Nauta 30

The design and overall feel of both boats is so great that we immediately fell in love with them. Gozzo with outboard motors looks unusual to the European eye, but, unlike the same Apreamare 35, which was obviously created with the American market in mind, Terra Nauta 30 looks very harmonious. Due to the fact that the swim platform on this model is not traditionally semi-circular, the twin motors fit very well into the stern of the boat without creating visual clutter or imbalance.

Terra Nauta 40 Interior
Terra Nauta 40

One of the best features of even small motor yachts built in the neoclassical Mediterranean style is their large interior volume, enough to give you a 9-metre boat to feel at ease in both the cabins and the shower. However, the most amazing thing in our opinion is the wide and uncluttered foredeck, which always looks clean and stylish.

In their search for the perfect motorboat, Darko and his team took the right path and did not reinvent the wheel, but took as a basis a concept proven over centuries, which, with some modification, turns into an all-weather planing hull with excellent performance and high efficiency at cruising speed.

At the same time, Terra Nauta boats definitely have a unique character and personality, love to have fun and, thanks to their elegance, are not without romanticism, as well as a bit of Dolce Vita. These cruisers are certainly incredibly attractive. So much so that we even included the flagship model in the list of the most beautiful motorboats.

Some details

Terra Nauta 30

  • Approximate price: 255,000 €
  • LOA : 9.65 m
  • LWL : 8.62 m
  • Beam: 3.1 m
  • Draft: 0.85 m
  • Displacement: 3.8 t
  • Fuel capacity: 550 l
  • Cruising speed: 28 kn
  • Max speed: 40+ kn
  • Total engine power: 2×250 hp

Terra Nauta 40

  • Approximate price: 690,000 €
  • LOA : 12.17 m
  • LWL : 11.99 m
  • Beam: 4 m
  • Draft: 1.03 m
  • Displacement: 9.5 t
  • Fuel capacity: 1200 l
  • Cruising speed: 28 kn
  • Max speed: 38 kn
  • Total engine power: 2×370 hp