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Tecnorib Pirelli – exemplary maxi RIBs for incredibly fast cruising

Tecnorib Pirelli - exemplary maxi RIBs for incredibly fast cruising

Updated on June 8th, 2024

Just over a million euros, and you have a super RIB in your hands that is many times superior in all respects to any rigid inflatable boat you have ever seen. We are talking about the current flagship from Tecnorib – the Pirelli 50. But of course, all Tecnorib boat models are amazing. They are similar to each other and there are only four of them in the Walkaround line: 9, 10, 13 and 15 meters, but these are exactly the sizes that customers prefer most.

If you’ve never thought about buying a RIB before, after seeing these magnificent examples, you may begin to consider owning one. After all, they have gone far beyond the boundaries of purely utilitarian boats and are a combination of a very seaworthy mini-yacht and a high-speed water racer.

Tecnorib Pirelli maxi RIBs
Pirelli 42

You will always recognize Pirelli RIBs among dozens of others. The team from Mannerfelt Design took care of this. But, naturally, given how enthusiastically the public received these boats, plagiarism was not long in coming. However, it is very difficult to beat the quality of workmanship that Tecnorib can offer, so they don’t have to worry about competitors trying to copy their RIBs.

These are not just fast boats. They exude speed even when at anchor or in the marina. Looking at them, it seems that there is a compressed spring inside them, ready to be released at your first request. And a pair of outboard motors, whose total maximum power in the Pirelli 50 can reach 1200 hp, helps turn this imagination into reality.

Tecnorib Pirelli - super RIB
Pirelli 50

Initially, such power on the transom of a 15-meter motor boat seemed somewhat excessive to us. Especially when you consider that this type of boat is by definition lighter than its all-rigid-hull cousins. But it turns out that the Pirelli 50 copes well with two Mercury V12, never losing stability and control even when reaching a maximum speed of 50 knots. Even when the weather gets worse, it’s more fun than scary. However, this is not surprising, because we are talking about a maxi RIB. This is his element.

In fact, in all but the smallest models in the Walkaround range, you can choose an inboard version. This will completely free up the swim platform, but will take up all the huge free space under the rear sun loungers. So you need to decide what is more important to you, comfortable bathing or storing toys. We know the main advantages and disadvantages of outboard and inboard motors, but we could not decide which is better in this particular case. Both options are excellent for these boats.

Most likely, since we are not very interested in water toys, we would choose the inboard option, while maintaining an uncluttered and aesthetic exterior of the boat. Plus, there are plenty of other storage lockers throughout the boat to store just about anything. Moreover, the configurator will help you get exactly what you dreamed of from the shipyard.

Pirelli 50 cabin interior
Pirelli 50 cabin interior

The cabin interiors are designed to perfection so the habitability is amazing. There are a lot of small details that are well thought out and add a lot of comfort while cruising. Perhaps a few rough edges could be smoothed out, but overall there are no complaints.

Tecnorib’s Pirelli RIBs are definitely one of our favorites. These boats are great to look at and even more fun to drive. They definitely have alternatives in terms of price, but it is unlikely that we will be able to find alternatives in terms of quality and design.