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Storms and hurricanes will become more frequent and stronger. What can sailors expect?

Storms, hurricanes and yachting

Updated on June 8th, 2024

As the years go by, the weather will get worse. That’s what climate modelers say. This makes you wonder how safe yachting will be in the future and whether something can be changed.

In general, meteorologists recognize that due to the huge number of factors that affect weather and climate in general, it is quite difficult to predict how often and how strong hurricanes will form this century. However, all experts agree on one thing: storms will intensify and become more frequent. Moreover, hurricanes will form not only in familiar sea areas, but also in other places for which they were not typical before.

Regardless of the factors that contribute to this, the main reason for the deterioration of the weather is the heating of the planet. Experts absolutely say that the average temperature is growing, and it seems that it is even increasing not linearly, but exponentially.

But global warming is a misleading term. Because of the deep interconnectedness of all planetary systems, when things go awry, we can get snow in Africa and hellish heat in Northern Europe. Or in another scenario, where the climate is now cold, it will become even colder, and where the climate is warm, it will be even hotter.

The Gulf Stream could have carried more warm water to the high latitudes for cooling, but it has slowed by 15-20% in a century (although we were unable to find conclusive evidence of this). Warmer air will hold more moisture, which is a great recipe for powerful hurricanes. According to some experts, you should not expect that the south of the UK will become like the Cote d’Azur. Most likely, on the contrary, he will constantly suffer from strong storms with hail and other inconveniences.

All in all, climate change does not appear to be positive, not just for seafarers, but for everyone on the planet. It is not clear only whether cars and yachts on batteries will somehow solve the problem of thermal apocalypse, and where is the point of no return, after which it will be too late to do something.