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Why Sirena yachts are becoming more and more popular

Sirena Yachts

Updated on June 8th, 2024

Functional design.
It’s always beautiful. It’s always effective.

In principle, this article could have ended there.
However, the attractiveness of Sirena Turkish yachts is not limited to design alone. Since the construction of the first motor yacht under its brand in 2017, the shipyard has become widely known among connoisseurs of quality versatile yachts and has received many excellent reviews from owners. But all this was preceded by a rich long-term experience of the parent company Sirena Marine in the sector of both sailboats and motor yachts of various categories.

Today, Sirena yachts are not only easily recognizable, but also associated with reliability, economy, seaworthiness and fast cruising, being, in fact, luxury yachts with a hint of explorer trawlers. And this can be said about every model in the line, even the smallest, 14-meter Sirena 48 flybridge boat.

Sirena 58
Sirena 58

Starting with the Sirena 58, all yachts are Category A certified, so you don’t have to worry too much about bad weather. You also have a variety of engine power options to choose from, and a V-drive transmission, which makes it possible to move the motors closer to the stern and significantly reduce the noise level in the cabins and saloon. Propeller shafts rotate in half-tunnels, which allows you to increase the diameter of the propeller, thereby reducing cavitation, as well as to optimize the angle of attack, reducing the angle of inclination of the shaft. Just as important, you get less draft and more propeller protection.

Sirena 88
Sirena 88

The yachts were mainly designed by German Frers (exterior) and Cor D. Rover (interiors). Therefore, we have no questions or complaints, because these guys did their job perfectly. As usual.

Sirena 88
Sirena 88

To date, the shipyard already has on paper ready-made designs for larger boats to fully enter the superyacht category. These will be luxury yachts of 35, 42 and 50 meters, for the construction of which an expansion of the shipyard has been undertaken to the south of Istanbul. Unlike previous junior GRP models, the Sirena superyachts will of course feature steel hulls and aluminum superstructures. Van Oossanen’s Hull Vane technology promises to give these yachts superior benefits, from improved seaworthiness, speed and comfort to reduced fuel consumption.

So, what are we most interested in in motor yachts of this class besides seaworthiness and fuel consumption? That’s right, range.
So, we have quite good numbers here.

Sirena 58: 850 NM at 10 kn
Sirena 68: 1200 NM at 10 kn
Sirena 78: 1550 NM at 10 kn
Sirena 88: 2290 NM at 9 kn

It should be noted that these are not real trawlers, but semi-displacement yachts, so they will initially have a higher fuel consumption. However, once you get bored, simply push the throttle forward all the way and feel the advantage of semi-planing hulls as you accelerate to a maximum of 25 knots. Just keep in mind that the fuel tanks are not bottomless, and the cruising range will be more than halved. Therefore, it is better to stick to cruising 15-16 knots.

Sirena 88 Wheelhouse
Sirena 88

These days, you can’t build yachts and not try to be at least a little green, because care for the environment and climate change is in trend. In this regard, the Sirena shipyard promises to optionally install hybrid propulsion in its new line and, if possible, reduce harmful emissions. We certainly do not mind, especially if it increases the autonomy and range of these beautiful yachts.

What we especially like:

  • Thoughtfulness of each element and attention to detail
  • Panoramic views from the salon, excellent visibility from the wheelhouse
  • Various superstructure and flybridge options
  • Incredibly huge flybridges
  • Yachts have their own unique style
  • Truly versatile yachts with a passion for exploration

What can be improved:

  • Nothing