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Carbon masterpieces by Sialia Yachts

Sialia Yachts fully electric

Updated on June 8th, 2024

Sialia Yachts is a young company, but there is no doubt about its successful future. Already the first models of semi-custom boats that were built at this shipyard immediately attracted our attention with their harmonious design and the latest technologies used on board. And yes, of course, these are electric yachts.

To date, the shipyard offers two lines in its lineup: Sialia 57 and Sialia 59. With slight differences in size, they still differ in design, and for a long time we could not decide which model we like best. Sialia 57 seems to look more harmonious, and Sialia 59 – more futuristic.

Sialia 57
Sialia 57

In addition, the Sialia 59 range has three layout options and is accordingly divided into Weekender, Runabout and Sport models. Obviously, already by the names you can guess about their main differences.

Sialia Yachts - Weekender, Runabout, Sport
Weekender, Runabout and Sport

There is also a unique Volantis model with an aluminum hull. And it is really unique, because there are very, very few similar boats on the market. Volantis is available in two flavors: Tender and Commuter. Both models are open.

Sialia 59 Volantis Commuter
Sialia 59 Volantis Commuter

The Sialia 59 Weekender is not only a favorite of the shipyard, but our favorite too. This is an absolutely versatile boat, designed for holidays with the whole family or with friends.

Sialia Yachts Weekender
Sialia 59 Weekender

Of course, we appreciate sunbathing areas and outdoor dining, but much more we appreciate the closed wheelhouse and a long roof, which allows you to place several solar panels. In any case, if you want more sunbathing space, just unfold the sides in the aft area and enjoy the huge private beach.

Sialia Yachts sunbathing space

Naval architecture was made with the participation of the famous Dutch company Vripack, and Denis Popov’s studio worked on the design. Thus, as a result, we got extremely beautiful yachts with visually pleasing lines and excellent running characteristics.

Despite the fact that Sialia yachts are positioned exclusively as electric, you can still use the built-in generator to more than double the range. However, in most cases, for short weekend trips, this will not be required.

Sialia Yachts interior design

With a maximum battery capacity of 1,000 kWh, the yacht can travel around 145 nautical miles at 8 knots. At a cruising speed of 18 knots, the range drops to 56 nm, and at a top speed of 30 knots it drops to 36 nm. At the same time, the planing mode is already achieved at a speed of 12 knots, and it takes only 7 seconds to accelerate to maximum speed. So hold on tight and keep an eye on your guests so you don’t leave them astern.

Sialia yachts use patented propulsion systems from the AMPROS subsidiary, which have long proven their reliability at sea. Electric motors operate almost silently. The battery pack is designed for more than a week of operation of all on-board appliances.

What we especially like:

  • We never say that we like the design, as we generally never review ugly boats in a magazine. However, the impeccable lines of Sialia yachts deserve special mention.
  • Simple and reliable drive shaft.
  • Excellent balance and stability of the hull.
  • High-tech stuffing.
  • Remote diagnostics and system optimization.
  • Friendly interiors.

What can be improved:

  • Nothing.

Carbon masterpieces by Sialia Yachts

Specifications Sialia 59

Price: 4,000,000 €
LOA: 17.6 m
Beam: 4.8 m
Draft: 1 m
Displacement: 19 ton
Capacity: 12 people
Certificate: CE-B
Speed (Max): 32 knots
Speed (Cruise): 18 knots
Electric Motor Power: 2 x 400 kW
Rex Continuous Power: 390 kW
Fuel Capacity: 1500 L
AC Charging: 22 kW
DC Fast Charging: 150 kW