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We really liked the Seawalker 43 Panorama and here’s why

We really liked the Seawalker 43 Panorama and here's why

Updated on June 8th, 2024

The Seawalker 43 Panorama, which Fiart Mare will present in Cannes, is an evolution of the previous model with the same specifications, but with an elegant hardtop that adds a bit of sportiness to this Mediterranean cocktail of classic and modern.

Fiart Mare Seawalker 43 Panorama hardtop

The remarkable thing about this boat is that it can be an incredibly luxurious tender if you have a superyacht of the right size, or it can be a self-contained motor cruiser, as the designers at Fiart Mare managed to cram huge interiors with two cabins and all amenities into the hull of the Seawalker 43. Obviously, the high side contributed to this to a large extent. Therefore, inside are not just high ceilings, they are incredibly high. Yes, this is a very comfortable motor yacht for traveling along the coastline with a breeze.

Seawalker 43 Panorama interior

The length of 13.1 meters allows you to create fairly stable and predictable planing hulls, which is what Fiart designers took advantage of. You will appreciate not only the speed, but also the softness of the move. And when you arrive at the place, you will certainly appreciate the size of the bathing platform with electro-hydraulic drives. In addition, there is garage in the stern for… a tender. Yes, if the Seawalker 43 Panorama is your tender, then your tender will have its own tender. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

In fact, of course, this is a glove box for water toys. However, its size allows you to place a small inflatable boat.