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That’s what ideal tenders are. Proton 28 and 42 by Trimm Design

That's what ideal tenders are. Proton 28 and 42 by Trimm Design

Updated on June 8th, 2024

We know where to find the best tenders for your superyacht. In the same time, they are also excellent day cruisers of incredibly high quality. Meet the new arrivals from Trimm Design, created for Proton Yachting and built in aluminum according to the classic canons of timeless design, but with the latest technology. These are Proton 28 and Proton 42.

Proton 28
Proton 28

These boats are built by real Dutch in the real Netherlands, so you don’t have to worry about quality, reliability or seaworthiness. But there seems to be something Italian about the design that makes these first-class boats irresistible and complete. Thanks to their elegance, which is achieved by the simplicity and smoothness of the lines, they become an adornment not only for your yacht, but also for any marina.

Just look at these meticulously executed details. And to make you completely lose your head, Proton released a model in an incredible blue color.

Proton 23 Blue
Proton 28 light brown and blue

The Proton 28 has a LOA of 8.85 and is available in S and L series, the main difference being the position of the steering wheels. In the first case, the skipper is located immediately behind the windshield, in the usual place for us, and in the second case, in the stern, which is typical for many Dutch boats. This probably gives greater control over passengers and navigational environment when maneuvering through the many narrow channels. Today, this layout has also become popular for superyacht tenders.

Proton 42 by Trimm Design
Proton 42

Proton 42 is almost a motor yacht in its own right, with a bathing platform and a radar stand. With a length of 13.5 meters, you will find in it two diesel engines from Mercury, 550 hp each. If this is not enough for you, then the shipyard can offer you an option with three outboard motors of 600 hp each. Proton 42 is able to take on board up to 12 guests, 4 of which can comfortably stay overnight in a cozy cabin.

Proton 42 Superyacht Tender
Proton 42

We are very familiar with Trimm Design and you probably remember some of the most beautiful gentleman’s yachts they have designed for the Holterman shipyard: Commander, Governor and especially the Holterman Classic Hybrid. Therefore, we will continue to monitor their news and inform you about the most interesting ones.