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Northman yachts may be the best choice for a family cruise

Northman displacement yachts

Updated on June 8th, 2024

Northman displacement yachts from the Polish shipyard of the same name are incredibly attractive in terms of price and performance. The flagship is the Northman 1200, which has a LOA of 12.2m and can be supplied in a variety of diesel engine combinations as well as being fully electric.

Boats with a similar design are often referred to as modern trawlers. Despite having a lower deadrise than classic trawler yachts, the Northman 1200 is Category B (Offshore) certified and is capable of fairly safe passage in moderately stormy weather across open waters. Although basically, of course, it is ideal for calm cruises on inland waterways and coastal areas closed from bad weather.

The cruising speed of the boat is 8 knots. At this speed, the ride is very pleasant and the engine noise is practically not disturbing. With diesel engine 110 hp fuel consumption is about 9 liters per hour. You can opt for a 150 hp engine, then this will allow you to accelerate to a maximum of 13.5 knots, if you can turn a blind eye to fuel consumption.

The electric version of the yacht is fine for a two-day cruise, if, of course, there are breaks for picnics, swimming and sleeping. After that, you will need an outlet for recharging.

The Northman 1200 boasts a superb and harmonious design with an asymmetric cockpit with a portside ladder to the sunbathing area on the roof. In another configuration, it may be a flybridge with a steering post.

There are some details that I would like to correct, for example, the interior contains sharp corners in some places, which could be rounded off if the yacht wants to claim open waters. But in general, there is nothing to complain about. The salon is very bright, equipped with an electric sunroof and even has a sliding door near the helm station. All equipment is perfectly integrated and easily accessible.

Despite its modest size (if you remove the bathing platform, the length of the boat will be 10.5 m), the Northman 1200 has three double cabins. The master cabin is located in the bow, and two guest cabins are located symmetrically on the port and starboard side.

What else I would like to note from the really important details, in addition to the interior and other little things, is the long protruding keel, which not only gives stability on the course, but also protects the propeller from accidental damage. The hull of the boat is made of GRP and the keel can also protect it by taking a hit on itself in the event of a collision with an underwater obstacle. This greatly increases the likelihood that in this case you will not only stay afloat with an intact hull, but also return to your home port under your own power.