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Never read yachting magazines to select your first boat

Never read yachting magazines to select your first boat

Updated on May 31st, 2024

If you are choosing your first boat, then searching for information in yachting magazines seems quite logical. However, the problem is that you won’t find anything useful there. 95% of publications in popular print and online magazines are just paid advertising content, and the remaining 5% are useless and obvious information garbage.

Modern magazines will never tell you about the problems of a particular model of motor yacht, about weak points in the hull or regular equipment failures. Because advertisers and sponsors won’t like it, and then the editors won’t have the budget to continue working.

It wasn’t always like this. Before yachting magazines turned into advertising brochures, they had a wealth of useful information not only for boat buyers, but also for experienced owners. These magazines were really nice to read while enjoying your morning coffee, as the publications were interesting and insightful.

What should newcomers to the world of powerboats do today? The answer is very simple: go to specialized forums. Fortunately, yachting forums still exist and are still active. Unlike magazines, on forums you will find not only independent opinions from boat owners, but also different points of view based on personal experience in operating a particular model.

What about magazines? Well, they still have beautiful pictures that you can look at while eating breakfast, enjoying the tactile sensations of the glossy paper. And if we are talking about the online version, then interactive elements can be useful. Although in this case it’s easier to go to YouTube and watch a video of the boat you like. The only thing better than a video is a visit to a boat show and a personal test drive.