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The most beautiful superyachts of the 21st century

The most beautiful superyachts of the 21st century

Updated on June 9th, 2024

This list is constantly updated, and getting on it is very easy: you just need to build an incredibly beautiful superyacht.

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The final selection of winners was made by the entire editorial team of the magazine among pre-selected yachts by open voting on social networks. There are no first or last places here, all winning yachts are added randomly.

Gentleman line / 24-55 m / Picchiotti Yachts / 2024

Added November 2023

Picchiotti Gentleman 33

  • Exterior design: Luca Dini Design & Architecture
  • Naval architecture: Luca Dini, The Italian Sea Group, Yacht Moments

It would seem that the surest way to get into our rating is to design and build a classic motor yacht. But it’s not that simple, because there are actually a lot of old classic boats from the last century that look terrible. However, Picchiotti’s Gentleman line has managed to capture our hearts with these stunning aluminum yachts.

Aviva / 98,4 m / Abeking & Rasmussen / 2017

Aviva superyacht from Abeking & Rasmussen

  • Exterior designer: Reymond Langton Design
  • Naval architect: Abeking & Rasmussen

This yacht has some minor design elements that could be improved to bring it to perfection. But it’s still a fantastic superyacht with a nice color combination and flowing lines.

Carinthia VII / 97,2 m / Lürssen / 2002

Carinthia VII superyacht

  • Exterior designer: Tim Heywood
  • Naval architect: Lürssen

One of the most balanced superyachts in the world, it seems built specifically to give our eyes a break from visual overload.

Nero / 90,1 m / Corsair Yachts / 2007

Nero superyacht

  • Exterior designer: Neil Taylor
  • Naval architect: Imt Marine Consultants

It’s a modern classic: a timeless design with high-tech filling.

Abeona / 75 m / Damen Yachting / 2023

Support vessel Abeona from Damen Yachting

  • Exterior designer: Damen Yachting
  • Naval architect: Damen Yachting

This support vessel will probably be more beautiful than the superyacht it will serve. And if you want to have the perfect shadow boat, then entrust it to the Damen shipyard.

Stella Maris / 72,1 m / Viareggio Superyachts / 2013

Superyacht Stella Maris

  • Exterior designer: Espen Oeino International
  • Naval architect: Laurent Giles

This superyacht is designed with clean, straight lines and no unnecessary elements, making her very attractive.

Okto / 66,4 m / ISA / 2014

Superyacht Okto from ISA

  • Exterior designer: Andrea Vallicelli
  • Naval architect: ISA

Built in 2014, this superyacht is still at the top of the pedestal of the most beautiful boats.

Cupani / 63.8 m / Royal Denship / 2006

Trawler superyacht Cupani

  • Exterior designer: Ole Steen Knudsen
  • Naval architect: Tom Fexas

An ideal trawler yacht with an incredibly cozy interior. These boats always look charming and never become outdated.

Scout / 63,7 m / Hakvoort / 2019

Explorer superyacht Scout

  • Exterior designer: H2 Yacht Design
  • Naval architect: Diana Yacht Design

This yacht definitely aspires to be an explorer, but has a maximum range of only 4,800 nautical miles. Of course, range can be increased using modern hybrid technology. In any case, the designers did a great job.

Utopia IV / 63 m / Rossinavi / 2018

Superyacht Utopia IV

  • Exterior designer: Team For Design
  • Naval architect: Arrabito Naval Architects

This yacht is so beautiful that you want to get her autograph. She is also very fast, with a top speed of 33 knots. She definitely deserves to be included in the list of the most beautiful yachts of this century.

PHI / 58,5 m / Royal Huisman / 2021

Superyacht PHI

  • Exterior designer: Cor D. Rover
  • Naval architect: Van Oossanen

This luxury yacht has a bold, futuristic design that has made her one of the most recognizable superyachts in the world.

Blue II / 56 m / Turquoise Yachts / 2020

Gentleman's explorer superyacht Blue II

  • Exterior designer: Hoek Design
  • Naval architect: Hoek Design

This is probably the only ice-class explorer superyacht in a classic gentleman’s style available today. Considering that the vessel was entirely designed by Hoek, it is not surprising to see her on the list of the most beautiful yachts in the world.

Endeavor 2 / 49,9 m / Rossinavi / 2017

Superyacht Endeavor 2 from Rossinavi

  • Exterior designer: Team For Design
  • Naval architect: Arrabito Naval Architects

This is one of our favorite yachts, which we can unmistakably recognize from any distance. In an incomprehensible way, her design combines everything: from brutality to grace.

Nadan / 46 m / Burger Boat / 2009

Classic gentleman's motor yacht Nadan

  • Exterior designer: Bruce King
  • Naval architect: Burger Boat

Perhaps the best illustration of the conversation about gentleman’s yachts. One of the most elegant boats you have ever seen. She is perfect both inside and out.

Bartali / 46 m / Wider / 2017

Superyacht Bartali

  • Exterior designer: Fulvio De Simoni
  • Naval architect: Wider, Sydac

No further description is required here. We all, without exception, just really like this yacht and that’s all.

Gio Chi The / 43 m / Codecasa / 2016

Superyacht Gio Chi The from Codecasa

  • Exterior designer: Codecasa
  • Naval architect: Codecasa

This yacht is so pleasing to look that you want to print out a huge poster and hang it on your bedroom wall. Just look at the precise lines and correct proportions. Incredible.

Moonshadow / 42,5 m / Feadship / 2003

Trawler yacht Moonshadow from Feadship

  • Exterior designer: Doug Sharp
  • Naval architect: Feadship

An excellent trawler with graceful hull lines. With current engines, the yacht is capable of traveling over 4,100 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 10 knots. Like many others, this yacht changes its name every time it is resold. Fortunately, her beauty remains unchanged.

Aurelia / 39,37 m / Cantiere delle Marche / 2020

Explorer yacht Aurelia from Cantiere delle Marche

  • Exterior designer: Hydro Tec
  • Naval architect: Hydro Tec

This yacht is as incredibly beautiful as her name. This is a true explorer with a range of 8,000 nautical miles.

Taransay / 39 m / Rossinavi / 2015

Modern classic gentleman's yacht Taransay from Rossinavi

  • Exterior designer: Studio Tassin
  • Naval architect: STB Italia

Of course, this elegant boat should be here as the finest example of a modern classic. The yacht is built from steel with an aluminum superstructure and plenty of wood inside and out. A true traveling gentleman’s yacht in the best color combination you can find.

Lady Fleur / 32,6 m / Holterman Shipyard / 2022

Motor yacht X-Treme 105 Lady Fleur from Holterman

  • Exterior designer: Bernd Weel Design
  • Naval architect: Diana Yacht Design

This is one of two X-Treme 105 yacht models. We must give credit to the designers, because they quite harmoniously integrated complex elements into the overall picture. Among other things, the yacht looks great at cruising speed.

Sirena 88 / 26,7 m / Sirena Yachts / 2020

Motor yacht Sirena 88

  • Exterior designer: German Frers
  • Naval architect: German Frers

We still don’t understand why we really like this series of yachts, but that doesn’t matter. It just looks cool, that’s all.