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Yachts you can’t help but fall in love with: Menorquín by Sasga

Sasga Menorquín yacht

Updated on June 8th, 2024

Yachts from Sasga are easily recognizable and you will most likely not find similar boats anywhere else. Sasga’s only line of yachts at the moment is called Menorquín in honor of the famous Spanish island, washed by the sea of ​​​​amazing beauty.

For more than four decades, this shipyard has been building its graceful semi-displacement yachts, whose roots trace back to the fishing boats of the island, making them very seaworthy in stormy conditions, almost like trawlers, but extremely fast in calm seas, with an average cruising speed of 15-18 knots and a maximum speed of 23 knots.

Sasga Menorquín yachts

With the exception of the smallest model (10.3m) and the flagship (20m), Menorquín boats are available in flybridge and hardtop versions. The hardtop versions may remind you of Dutch steel cruising yachts, as they share the same elegance of lines and thoughtful placement of every detail. However, Menorquín boats are lighter, faster on average and have an unspeakable Mediterranean romance.

Menorquín yachts by Sasga

It is impossible not to fall in love with Sasga yachts. And it’s love at first sight. They are so adorable and cute that you want to buy them, even if you are afraid of water and never intend to go to sea at all. The appeal of these yachts comes from their timeless design. Despite their frisky disposition, they say with all their appearance that you do not need to rush anywhere, and you can just enjoy a leisurely life on board, admiring the magnificent coasts, sunrises and sunsets.

Fortunately, all conditions are created for this, including an incredibly spacious deck and bright cabins. Moreover, Menorquín are semi-custom yachts, so all your wishes regarding the interior will certainly be taken into account.

By the way, the interior layout of the saloon and cabins is so comfortable and friendly that it can be considered the highest standard of yacht design for textbooks. However, you can see for yourself by visiting a virtual tour of the model you like. Or better yet, meet these unique boats at the annual yachting events. For example, the shipyard will present its entire line of Menorquín yachts in Genoa.

Sasga shows us yet again that if you combine tradition, cutting-edge technology and passion, you can build the perfect yacht.