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A quick look at the elegant cruiser Maxi Dolphin 70 Power

Motor Yacht MD 70

Updated on June 8th, 2024

The MD70 Power appeared in the line of Maxi Dolphin shipyard motorboats in 2020 as an enlarged version of the previous model MD51. Its creation was largely facilitated by the customer’s desire to purchase a tender for his superyacht, which would be as fast and beautiful as the MD51, but with much larger internal volume.

Thus was born the flagship Maxi Dolphin 70, which, from our humble point of view, looks extremely attractive and elegant. But this is not surprising, given that it was built by Italians. Thanks to the shipyard’s collaboration with Studio Rogantin and Advanced Mechanical Solutions, this 21.6-meter motor yacht turned out to be balanced, fast and quite seaworthy.

A quick look at the Maxi Dolphin 70 Power

The MD70 Power can be built in two versions, one with an open bow deck and the other with a closed bow deck. We, of course, prefer the second option because of its aesthetics. In addition, the closed deck allows you to increase the height of the ceiling in the cabins. However, if you prefer to lounge around in the sun a lot with a cocktail in hand, or plan to use the boat as a tender, then the first option is certainly worth considering.

MD70 Power engine room

As you can see, Maxi Dolphin Shipyard builds amazingly beautiful motorboats with excellent performance. The MD70’s hull is made of fiberglass with some carbon elements to the best quality standards, and the interiors are understated luxury, very pleasant and cozy.

Underway, the boat is very stable and graceful, as a first-class Italian yacht should be, created with love for the sea and a unique sense of style. There is no doubt that the MD70 Power deserves to be included in our list of the most beautiful yachts under 24 meters.

Some details

  • Approximate price: 1,400,000 €
  • LOA : 21.6 m
  • Beam: 5.8 m
  • Draft: 0.98 m
  • Displacement: 33 t
  • Fuel capacity: 4500 l
  • Water tank: 1174 l
  • Cruising speed: 34 kn
  • Max speed: 43 kn
  • Total engine power: 1300 hp