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Better than the classics: unique Italian gozzo boats from the Mimi shipyard

Italian Gozzi Mimi motorboats Libeccio 13.5

Updated on June 2nd, 2024

A cozy family shipyard, founded in 1975 by Salvatore Senese in Naples, builds amazing motor boats in the traditional Mediterranean style, which, with the successful expansion of the business, will very soon become widely known not only throughout Europe, but also far beyond its borders.

We are practically sure of this, because all boat models have the same style, are easily recognizable, incredibly beautiful and easy to use. Already, the shipyard is reporting increased demand from Spain, France, Croatia, the Netherlands and Germany. In these countries, style and good design of boats are highly valued, so further successful development of sales is inevitable.

Classic gozzo motorboats from the Mimi shipyard

What is a gozzo boat?

Gozzo (Gozzi) is a traditional wooden fishing boat, typical of the west coast of Italy, from Liguria to Sicily. Their main advantage lies in the large internal volume, high carrying capacity and excellent seaworthiness. You may notice that Apreamare motorboats are also inspired by classic gozzo fishing boats.

Traditional italian fishing boats Gozzo

At the same time, the modern gozzo is the European cousin of the American lobster, originally a fishing vessel, with a closed wheelhouse being a mandatory attribute. Both types of boats use time-honoured, efficient hull lines that were created not for the wow effect as is customary in modern design, but for safety and reliability in rough seas. That is why the classics are always so attractive and harmonious.

Initially, of course, all the hulls of fishing boats were displacement, but today an underwater base plate is added to the traditional rounded stern, and the bottom has cheekbones and variable deadrise. This helps to bring the boat into planing mode, but at the same time it leaves the opportunity to significantly save fuel when driving in displacement mode, as well as maintain an acceptable level of seaworthiness.

In addition, modern materials and technologies, unlike wood, provide much more opportunities and freedom for designing hulls with given parameters, as well as many times increase reliability and safety, while reducing the weight of the boat and eliminating all the problems associated with wooden hulls.

Fast cruiser with incredible habitability

Today the flagship of the shipyard is the Libeccio 13.5, which you can never miss and will definitely admire the beauty of the lines. Valerio Rivellini made the main contribution to the design of the Gozzi Mimi boats, and it can be argued that this collaboration turned out to be extremely successful for the shipyard.

Libeccio 13.5

The 13.5 meter (LOA) motor cruiser has 3 cabins with 6 berths and can accelerate up to 30 knots. Surprisingly spacious, both inside and out, the boat is full of nobility and aesthetics, so it does not seek to prove anything to anyone. It also has very good driving characteristics, making the journey the best memory that will inevitably make you look forward to another weekend to be back at the helm as soon as possible.

It seems that Gozzi Mimi boats not only give you an unforgettable experience of being on the water, but also enjoy the sea themselves. And this means that everything is done right and people who appreciate elegance, quality, comfort and seaworthiness will definitely find what they need in the Mimi Libeccio line of boats.

Specifications Libeccio 13.5

LOA: 13.5
Hull length: 11.4 m
Beam: 4.1 m
Displacement: 10 t
Fuel tank: 1.000 l
Water tank: 500 l
Capacity: 14 persons
Maximum speed: 30 knots
Engine: 2×370 hp
Price: 590.000 €