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A lesson in excellent design for exploration yachts by Baran Akalin

Silenzio Explorer Yacht deck

Updated on June 8th, 2024

When it comes to new superyacht concepts, we tend to flip through the pictures sent to us without enthusiasm, incredulous about the numbers in the specifications and surprised by the many ridiculous and completely useless elements that designers do not hesitate to use liberally in the architecture of the hull and superstructures. What to do, such is the trend for any extravagant junk.

However, you can stand out not only with gaudy concepts, but also with really good designs of research yachts. For some of them, you can safely turn to Baran Akalin, whose works have deservedly become winners in various categories more than once. This is not surprising, given his experience and unconventional design approaches, which allow him to create unique concepts that stand out for their thoughtfulness in every detail.

Silenzio Explorer Yacht

We particularly liked two 67m electric yachts with H2 generators, which have an estimated range of up to 14,000 nautical miles: Silenzio and Silencieux. Both yachts are identical in performance, but Silencieux is an ice class superyacht.

Silencieux Explorer Ice Yacht

Spacious decks and stylish superstructures with panoramic windows will definitely contribute to an unforgettable cruise, no matter where in the world you find yourself. The projects were made in collaboration with Manta Aircraft, so you can see amazing personal vertical takeoff aircraft on the helipads.

Silenzio Yacht

Both yachts have huge 170m² garages that can fit a 12m tender, loads of toys and even a submarine, in this case from U-Boat Worx. Living quarters also stand out for their area: in particular, the main saloon is spread over as much as 200 m², and the owner’s cabin has an area of 80 m².

Silencieux Ice Yacht

As befits research yachts, the combination of steel and aluminum will ensure their reliability, which is of course most relevant for Silencieux, whose typical habitat will be circumpolar regions. In electric mode, these unique yachts will be able to stay at anchor for up to 3 weeks. Hydrogen generators are used to recharge batteries with a total capacity of 11.4 MW.

Silencieux Explorer Yacht

We love Silenzio’s purposefulness and Silencieux’s rugged looks. Both yachts are finished in design and showcase the beauty of functional boats. Despite the fact that explorer yachts today have an upward trend in popularity, there are not so many really beautiful boats of this type. Well, now you know about two more of them.