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DMS All-in-One: maximum stabilization at all speeds without sacrificing performance

DMS All-in-One stabilisers

One of the leaders in stabilization systems for pleasure boats, DMS Holland presented a unique solution for planing and semi-displacement motorboats – DMS All-in-One fins. These stabilizers are at the testing stage, but it can already be assumed that interest in them will be quite high due to their versatility and effectiveness.

Interestingly, the stabilizers have three operating modes for different speeds:

  1. At zero speed, the fins make a vertical flapping motion, like wings.
  2. At cruising speed the fins rotate, just like traditional fins on larger yachts.
  3. At higher speeds, the stabilizers fold completely behind the transom. In this position, the fins can balance the boat and maintain optimal trim, much like transom plates, so they can even help reduce fuel consumption.

Operating modes of DMS All-in-One stabilizers

One of the main tasks of the DMS engineering department was to reduce fins drag as much as possible and maintain the characteristics of the boat in all operating modes. It is obvious that such placement of stabilizers really has undeniable advantages and is, perhaps, the only correct solution for planing hulls, at least up to a certain size.

DMS stabilizers in folded position

Marine industry professionals are expected to be able to sign up for sea trials and test the DMS All-in-One system this fall at METSTRADE.