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Does Cranchi build the perfect cruisers? We must admit that yes

Cranchi yacht Settantotto

Updated on June 8th, 2024

Any buyer, before making a decision, will consider factors such as the company’s reputation, reviews and, of course, price. However, it’s easy to explore when you’re choosing a bottle of wine for dinner, but the world of motor yachts is a bit more difficult to navigate.

Today the yachting market is truly huge, with many well-known companies and new players with tempting offers. The Internet is littered with advertisements from brands. How can you find the best of the best in this cycle of information?

Settantotto 78 ft

We take a look at one of our favorite manufacturers of yachts up to 25 meters. The Italian shipyard Cranchi has been building boats since the 19th century. Obviously they know how to do it. At various times we went to sea on at least five Cranchi models and we have long had some ideas about these boats.

Cranchi yacht Settantotto salon

Cranchi yachts can be more expensive than boats of comparable size from some younger competitors, but if you understand the reason for this, it may turn out that, on the contrary, it is more profitable to purchase Cranchi. So, we have every reason to believe that Cranchi builds the perfect motor yachts, which are currently the best on the market in the class of sport cruisers with flybridges.

Cranchi yacht cocpit

We are well aware not only of the highest build quality of these yachts, but also of the quality of the materials used in construction. After hardening, fiberglass is far superior to popular analogues in terms of strength, resistance to aging and osmosis. In fact, we never saw any signs of hull aging on any of the Cranchi boats we came across. The company constantly invests in the latest production tools and automation, so the accuracy of assembly and the durability of the hulls, which were already phenomenal, continue to increase.

Yachts are designed and built by Italians, so superior style comes by default. This is important for us, because we will never go to sea in ugly boats. Being on any Cranchi yacht, you feel like in a very comfortable and elegant suit, made to order by a tailor in Milan.

Cranchi yachts bridge

More importantly, everything from the refrigerator to the controls is exactly where it should be. We have never experienced any inconvenience related to habitability and interaction with interior elements. And no one has ever hit his head or foot on some inconspicuous corner.

Settantotto 78

And, of course, we are always concerned about seaworthiness. There were no problems here either. Again, if you remember that the hulls are built by an Italian shipyard with centuries-old traditions and modern development tools, then this is quite predictable. The movement of all the Cranchi boats that we happened to visit was very smooth and remained so even when the weather worsened.

We have never heard any negative feedback from the owners and will always be happy to be at the helm of these amazing boats again. Does this give us the right to call Cranchi yachts the best in their class today? We are sure yes.