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Buying a yacht is always about acquiring a new lifestyle

Buying a yacht is always about acquiring a new lifestyle

Updated on May 31st, 2024

Whether you are buying a superyacht or the smallest cruiser motorboat, this is the moment you completely change your lifestyle. We are not saying that it will always be just relaxation and enjoyment of sea travel (although luxury yachts with a professional crew to take care of everything will provide you with just that), but now your connection with the sea will inevitably permeate all areas of your life on the shore.

Contrary to popular belief, not all yachtsmen love the sea itself or its inhabitants, but they are infinitely grateful to the sea for the opportunity for solitude that it gives in order to feel unity with the entire Universe. In addition, the sea offers the best option for travel, making it leisurely and measured, which brings great benefits not only to the body, but also to the mind.

However, the expanses of the sea would never have had such an attraction if the land did not exist. Sailors would hate the sea if at some point it was impossible to moor to the shore. It is the ability of the sea to freely connect the continents that is the main reason why everyone loves it. The coastlines of subtropical countries or northern latitudes are incredibly beautiful and always open for exploration, beckoning with their ancient history and underwater artifacts.

If your yacht is of sufficient size, seaworthiness and range to cross the oceans, then after circumnavigating the world you will never be the same person again, just as astronauts completely change when they see our precious planet from orbit. While yachting has a reputation for being a sector of luxury lifestyle, glamour, and the consumption of overpriced toys, the reality is that yachtsmen and manufacturers take the environment seriously and are looking at any way they can to reduce their environmental footprint.

Most modern superyacht owners are now much more concerned about how sustainable their boat is, so shipyards will inevitably apply all the latest developments to reduce their carbon footprint and harmful emissions during construction. Moreover, private yachts are an incredibly suitable field for testing all new fuel technologies and electrical systems at the expense of customer capital. Therefore, the yachting industry plays an important role in accelerating the transition to alternative energy sources.

Of course, any boat requires a constant injection of the budget for its maintenance. Most owners of luxury yachts compensate for these costs by chartering them, but for the rest, maintaining a yacht is a deliberately unprofitable undertaking. However, all this is forgotten the moment you leave the pier and go out to meet new shores and new adventures that you will remember forever.

Yachting changes people. And in the vast majority of cases – for the better.