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Perhaps nothing reflects the spirit of the Mediterranean like the boats of Apreamare


Updated on June 8th, 2024

One glance at the boats of the Apreamare shipyard is enough to immediately unmistakably say that they come from the Mediterranean and that, most likely, the Italians created them. Moreover, when you just look at these boats, the imagination instantly draws the picturesque coast of the Riviera flooded with sun, a chilled bottle of good wine and a quiet splash of waves.

Yes, we have the Riva motorboats and all those other classic lacquered wooden tenders where you absolutely have to be in a white shirt and a cigar in hand, but the soul of the Apreamare comes from somewhere more ancient.

Apreamare Boats

You can directly feel these shipbuilding traditions, this history becomes almost tangible. In the old fishing villages, you can still see these traditional boats, which probably inspired the designers of Apreamare, among which you will find names such as Marco Casali and Umberto Tagliavini from the Marine Design studio.

President Cataldo Aprea tries to preserve the style of his boats, which has now become so recognizable, but does not hesitate to make full use of all available innovations in shipbuilding. What’s more, the updated Gozzo 35 was presented at the Fort Lauderdale boat show in the Speedster version, equipped with three outboard motors. It is definitely designed for the American market. The love of American boaters for outboards seems to have long become a meme.

Apreamare Gozzo 35 Speedster

According to Cataldo Aprea, the Speedster version was met with great enthusiasm at the show. We have no doubt that this is the case, but for a European look, such a layout seems not only not harmonious, but also defiant. Moreover, three outboard motors together is too loud. And yes, they take up the entire bathing platform. Therefore, we will remain on the side of the inboard motor. Sorry.

Apreamare Gozzo 45

Gozzo 45 is the next model to be presented at Cannes. The increase in size did nothing to maintain the excellent style of these Neapolitan boats. It’s still the same amazing cruiser with a walk-around deck, but now a length of almost 14 meters has made it possible to design cabins of incredible habitability.

Apreamare Gozzo 45 Interior

However, the lineup of the Apreamare shipyard does not end there. The Maestro range of yachts with a flagship almost 25 meters long are fast (up to 30 knots) and seaworthy boats. Oddly enough, the philosophy of Apreamare is still traced here, and even the presence of a flybridge did not prevent this. In the interiors you will find many excellent design solutions and the huge spaciousness of these yachts will pleasantly surprise you.

Apreamare Maestro Yachts

Apreamare boats are calm and reliable, like a faithful spouse, but can also be a romantic lover with burning eyes. However, the unique style of the Italian Riviera and the marine soul will always be the strongest points of these amazing yachts.