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Why we love Absolute Navetta yachts

Why we love Absolute Navetta yachts

Updated on June 8th, 2024

Absolute yachts have long been known, easily recognizable and unique. Even the name of the shipyard is very easy to remember for anyone who is not a professional in the yachting industry. Today, the number of companies trying to produce universal motor boats in the segment up to 24 meters is huge. So why do we treat Absolute yachts so warmly?

Absolute Navetta exterior

The answer to this is very simple. In the Absolute Navetta line, we like absolutely everything, without exception, from impeccable design to attention to every detail. Of course, it cannot be said that the other line, Absolute Fly, is worse. They are fast planing boats of excellent quality, with a very comfortable interior layout and most likely ideal for the American market. However, the Navetta series definitely wins in terms of design, interior volume and range.

Absolute Navetta yacht wheelhouse

Yes, these are not real trawlers, but Absolute yachts have never claimed this title. Nevertheless, they have the makings of a trawler. Semi-displacement hulls, depending on the model, at cruising speeds of 8 to 10 knots are capable of delivering you from 800 NM to 2000 NM. At the same time, your trip will take place in incredible comfort, among interiors that are in no way inferior to the most luxurious superyachts.

Absolute Navetta interior

We also know first hand that Absolute Navetta yachts are amazingly reliable, very seaworthy and have probably the best ergonomics to date. These boats are not only very spacious thanks to their concept. Attention to detail plays an equally important role here. Definitely some of the best yacht designers in the world work at this shipyard.

Also, you can’t expect bad style from Italians. It is physically impossible for them to create a bad interior, even if they try to do it on purpose. Is it worth talking about the excellent quality of the materials used?

Absolute Navetta engine room

At the moment, Navetta yachts are driven mainly by Volvo Penta engines, those models that have long established themselves as one of the most reliable and economical. In light of the global interest of the yachting industry in alternative energy sources, we expect the appearance of hybrid and even all-electric Absolute yachts.

Absolute Navetta flybridge

We hope that the concept of the Navetta line will continue even if the shipyard decides to step over the 24 meter mark. In any case, at the moment, these yachts are definitely included in that small list of boats that are just impossible not to fall in love with.